Superior water features, pots and planters

Botanica manufactures and supplies a wide range of superior water features, pots, urns, troughs, planters and accessories.

Our products are manufactured using a specially formulated polycarbonate that provides several benefits over traditional concrete.

  • Guaranteed for life against cracking.
  • Excellent temperature and UV resistance.
  • Excellent lifespan and low maintenance.
  • Wide variety of finishes and aged textures.
  • Lightweight.
  • Minimal temperature variation, ideal for plants.
  • Non-porous, completely waterproof.

Additional benefits of Botanica products:

  • Water features are delivered to plug ‘n’ play.
  • High quality pumps, guaranteed for two years.
  • After sales servicing and maintenance.

Featured Products

  • Moroccan Standard with Ball In Regent 6K

  • Double Cube Pot

  • Sammy Planter – Pedestal

  • Gemini Bubble Medium Urn

  • Limpopo No.Basin 1.5K

  • Tuscany 1A Square Edition 6K

  • Tuscany No.2 & Plinth 14 Jet Sprays 4K

  • Small Chipped Urn