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Water Features

Knowing Botanica have over 9000 water features standard and custom styles running today in South Africa and export markets, we easily guide you to the  one you like that suits your budget and space, then we do the A to Z getting one you love to your front door complete ready to plug ‘n play. Buying online like 92% of all our customers do.

Wide range of Product Styles

South Africa’s biggest range of styles, sizes and colour selections. Designed for almost zero maintenance. Ultra lightweight Poly fibre resin and 100% waterproof with 20 year warranty, 2 year on pump. In and outdoor use.

Runs on Solar Power

Water features can run on solar power. We have many accessories like our electronic timers not affected with power cuts with 15 day battery backups for settings that cut power usage over 80%. Can be used with existing solar systems or with panels that can be installed. Ask about suitable features.

Superior water features, pots, planters

Botanica manufactures and supplies a wide range of products and services – water featuresplanterstroughsurns & pots, all including accessories and services. Our products are manufactured using a specially formulated propriety inert polyfire resin that provides several benefits over traditional concrete, plastic and similar materials.
  • Guaranteed for life against cracking.
  • Excellent temperature and UV resistance.
  • Excellent lifespan and low maintenance.
  • Wide variety of finishes and aged textures.
  • Lightweight.
  • Minimal temperature variation, ideal for plants.
  • Non-porous, completely waterproof.
  • Planet friendly No carbon dioxide emission
Additional benefits of Botanica products:
  • Water features are delivered to plug ‘n’ play.
  • High quality pumps, guaranteed for two years.
  • After sales servicing and maintenance.
Water Features & Accessories
Planters, troughs, urns, pots & accessories

Featured Products

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