Water is life

Water features and fountains add a peaceful and aesthetic element to both in and outdoors to your home and commercial properties. Lights, jets, and bubblers incorporated in the design of small andlarge water features brings them to life.

Today more than 90% of water features and fountains can be purchased online and usually include pumps.  They are delivered to your door and are export packed ready to run, which is referred to as “Plug ‘n play”.

Botanica has hundreds of styles  of classical, contemporary, and modern designs with a large selection of many colours and textures that blend in with your home and office décor.

Built in our factory since 1994, Botanica now uses advanced high technology comprising quality propriety lightweight poly fibre resin material, which is inert and as a result, environmentally friendly.

This has now enabled us to give a lifetime guarantee against cracking not available from other manufacturers today.

Currently Botanica have more than 9000 standard and exclusively designed water features running in South Africa, as well as export markets.

In addition to domestic water features, we also cater for the corporate market, where we build water features on site. Additional benefits include safety, low maintenance and temperature variation with high UV protection.

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